Parade Day!!!

Today is the big day!

The parade starts at 4:30pm.  It will kick off at the Lakeside Office Park on North Ave, continue down North Ave to turn on to Church Street, then veering to the right down Common Street, where it will continue down Main Street to the Americal Civic Center and the reviewing stand.  Our numerous and highly sought after bands will play a short number at the reviewing stand, then continue down to the Galvin Middle School where they will disperse.

At 4pm the parade route streets will close.  The North Ave exit of 128/95 (NB) will also close at 4pm.  You will need to use exit 40 (the rotary exit) to get into Wakefield. PLEASE make arrangements to get to any homes along the route before 4pm, or you will not be able to get through.

Our wonderful parade day volunteers will be decked out in bright orange, walking the parade route collecting donations.  If you like the parade feel free to throw a few dollars in a bucket.   If you love the parade feel free to throw a few more in!  Since the parade is not a municipal event, presenting it takes financial support from both individuals and businesses in the community. We thank ALL of our wonderful donors for helping us put on the biggest and best parade in MA!!!

Check out our flicker page for to view last year’s parade photos and get pumped for this year!